Letter to Grant Hunter

We encourage all RID water users to send Mr Hunter a note like this. ‘Taber.Warner@assembly.ab.ca’

Mr. Hunter

As you are probably aware an article in the Lethbridge Herald dated September 19, talks about the strength of the Lethbridge area economy. It notes that Agriculture is the reason. I further note that Irrigated agriculture is the reason. My note today is to urge you to assist Irrigators to be able to continue this valuable economic tradition by continuing our current cost share arrangement regarding rehabilitation of our works. Through the Irrigation Rehabilitation Program (IRP) irrigation districts in southern Alberta have been able to build an infrastructure that promotes far more efficient use of water than in the recent past. We are 30% more efficient than just 15 years ago! Alberta only has 4% of its agricultural land base irrigated but that 4% produces up to 20% of the total Provincial agricultural product. The rehabilitation of our district infrastructure is not complete. We badly need the IRP program to continue under the current 75/25 program. It is a proven fact that grant monies given to irrigation districts produce more opportunities and actually have a multiplier effect of almost 3 times the money going in. We know the Province is in a difficult financial position currently but we remind you that irrigation districts are part of the solution of making our Province wealthy once again. Irrigated agriculture is an economic engine that creates wealth and prosperity. Please do all you can for us so we can continue to build this Province back to where it once was without being so dependent on the oil industry. Irrigated Agriculture and the IRP program is one area that is very deserving of continued funding support.

Thank you

Gordon ZoBell

RID Manager



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