water operations

Water Supply Report

The February, 2020 Runoff Volume Forecast from Alberta Environment predicts runoff will be above average. This will be monitored on a monthly basis.


The RID will flush most RID canals and laterals beginning in early May, 2020. Water will not necessarily be turned on into a canal or pipeline unless water is ordered on that system. It will be made available as quickly as possible once an order is made.

Water delivery

Water must be ordered on by contacting the water supervisor at least 24 hours prior to the time water is required. The same for ordering water off.

Delivery changes will be made Monday-Friday. Changes on the weekend will be at the discretion of the water supervisor.


A by-law has been passed setting the penalties of $100.00 per acre inch for the use of water in excess of the licensed amount.


Water allocations may be transferred between parcels.

Forms must be signed in the district office and are not considered complete until the water supervisor has received a copy.

The district will maintain a list of “acres available” and “acres wanted” for transfer.

Transfer of allocation may only occur within the boundaries of the Raymond Irrigation District.

Transfer will be based on acres

Operations Manager 

Please note that Cody Heggie has been promoted to this position

cell number – 403 360 7941

 Water Supervisor numbers

Please note that Mark Jensen and Phillip Wilde have retired.

Cell number

Lee Robson –    403 894 6486 –  Raymond east and Stirling area and Main canal deliveries

Scot Blair  –       587 370 1372    – Welling and Raymond west/north areas                       7

Other numbers of importance

RID office                       403 752 3511

RID fax line                    403 752 3737

Gordon ZoBell, Manager –         cell 403 380 7745     Home 403 752 4055